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Client Testimonials

 Thanks Rich for sharing your time and talent with Jenna in her batting and fielding skills. She has gone from being an insecure average batter to a confident threat behind the plate. We are already working hard toward the 2017 season...winter lessons make the difference. - Phylis Trenhaile

 Rich Bernstein is one of the most passionate sports enthusiasts I know – passionate to see kids grow, excel at the skills of the game, and carry the lessons of sports on into life. Rich has a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of softball and understands how to communicate with the kids in a positive and motivating way. Rich is a natural teacher and is great at showing my daughter adjustments that he would like her to make. Rich believes in enhancing a players self-esteem so they have a positive sports experience to carry with them into adult life. Whether your kids are just starting out or need some new pointers, Rich’s experience will help them improve towards their goals! - Teri Madsen

 Rich has something to offer that is beyond addition to knowledge, his ability to quickly and accurately analyze, his kindness and mental training, how he talks to them is beyond compare. There is a respect and understanding there, never any condescension. He releases the "pressure valve" in the athletes mind. My son attributes his off season improvement 100% to him. On the teams my daughter has been on, the girls that get trained by Rich are standouts in hitting. He is excellent. - Angie Nixon

When I first started going to Rich for hitting lessons, I was a weak hitter with barely any self confidence when it came to being up at the plate. Working with him, we made small adjustments every week that eventually turned me into a consistent line drive hitter for my team. His help didn’t just stop at the offensive side of the game either, but it also extended to defense. I remember plenty of times when we would tweak my throw during catch or practice run-throughs. Rich not only helped better my swing, but he bettered my knowledge of the game too. He challenged me to think before I stepped into the box and have a game plan for every at bat. While everybody loves to hit a dinger or two, Rich encouraged me to be a smart and selfless player, teaching me that it was more than okay to give yourself up as an out by hitting a sac fly if it meant getting that runner on third in safely. His situational type teaching and understanding attitude made for all the difference in my game. - Payton Blume   

Rich genuinely cares about his students and patiently teaches great fundamentals. When we first started going to Rich...she wasn't even hitting the ball to the green. Now she's hitting consistently to the green...deep into the the fence and even over. We would highly recommend using Rich as a hitting coach! - Tammi Annan

We heard about Rich from a family friend when looking for a hitting coach for our 13 year old daughter. Her passion is softball and she is always looking for ways to improve. We have been so pleased with the work that Rich has done with her to improve not only her hitting skills and fundamentals, but more importantly, the life skills that he has also helped her develop over the past few months! Rich has helped her work on establishing manageable goals and self-confidence that has been evident not only in her softball play, but in other areas such as school academics, and other athletic and leadership opportunities. We are so appreciative of the results, but more importantly, Rich's approach to coaching!" - Lisa Richardson

Rich Bernstein is a class act! Not only does he work to teach his students the correct skills of the game, he also takes time to instill work ethic and integrity. Our son has been working with Rich for 4 years now. Rich is not just a hitting coach to him, he has taken a personal interest in him as a person to help with life’s lessons on and off the field.” - Brian and Kim Petranick

At my first lesson with him he showed me that my bat was way too heavy for me. After I started using lighter bats I instantly started to hit better and with a few more lessons I soon hit my first homerun." - Juliana Godden

I have been using Rich Bernstein for over 5 years now. He has instructed my son for baseball & daughter for softball. During that time I used Rich for scheduled sessions on a weekly basis as well as bringing my son in for a "tune up" when he was slumping. Coach Bernstein's great at finding a teaching approach that relates to each of his students and keeping that approach simple. This has made it easy for my kids to learn to become better hitters. 
As a Coach I have no problem referring my own players to see Rich. The one on one attention has a significant impact on those players. I have also set up team practices that Coach Bernstein comes to and helps my entire team. Having Rich Bernstein in my Coaches tool box has made my kids & players better players & me a better Coach." - Matt Burton

I enjoy working with Rich because he has helped me come a long way in my baseball skills and career. He has also been a mentor to me throughout the last 4 years. Rich isn’t only a fantastic teacher but also a great friend who has helped me on the playing field, and in everyday life.” - Alex Petranick

 I met Rich my senior year of high school. He was just announced as our new Head Softball Coach at Gross Catholic High School. Before Rich, I had never taken a hitting lesson outside of practice. I was a bunter and so there was no need. When he became our head coach, he told us that lessons were important. I thought I would try it out and see what happens. 
After taking lessons from Rich for a year, I went to Morningside College and began hitting homeruns. If you would have told me that going into my senior year of high school, I would have laughed. When I graduated Morningside in 2013, I broke the single season homerun record of 14 homeruns my Sophomore year as well as the career homerun record of 37 homeruns. Rich completely changed my life and made me more successful in college than I could ever have imagined. I truly do owe a lot of my success in college to him” - Kirsten Dargy

 My daughter Jamie has been taking lessons from Rich at Hitters Choice for about a year now. Rich is so positive and he not only works with Jamie on her softball skills (hitting and fielding) but he also works on the mental aspect of softball. Since working with Rich, Jamie’s confidence has improved so much. When Rich asks Jamie to change a behavior he explains it to her so that she understands the concept and can fix it herself when he is not there. It seems that many coaches just think that their players should just “know it” but most of the time they don’t. The “why” of doing something a certain way is so important for them to understand. Since working with Rich I can tell that Jamie understands the game better and can pick up on what she needs to improve on faster. Most of all, as a parent, I really appreciate Rich’s communication to me. This helps me take his instruction back home so I can help Jamie on a daily basis. You don’t find many coaches or instructors willing to work with the parents so closely. I would highly recommend Rich and Hitters Choice for softball instruction. He really knows the game of softball. Jamie enjoys coming to lessons even though we have to travel 2 hours to attend. That is a testament to how well Rich interacts with those that he instructs!' - Laura Gamble

 I really like taking lessons from Rich. He has made me understand softball better and I am more confident in my game. Rich is very positive and doesn’t let me get down on myself. He tells me why he wants me to do things a certain way and that makes it easier for me to change a bad habit. The biggest thing I have learned is that Softball is a game and you cannot be perfect all the time. You just need to learn to make adjustments. My friend and I travel four hours every week to see Rich and I feel it is totally worth it!" - Jamie Gamble